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free period starter kit

Our carefully curated Welcome to periods! Boxes are the perfect starter packs for period newbies and include all the Moxie FREE SHIPPING ON THIS BOX!. So if you want to work out what is best for you, this pack has it all! This Is Cottons is perfect for any girl who is new to periods, as well as parents and teachers. Your first period can be confusing but exciting as well! Get all the advice that you need and answer your questions at Always.

Free period starter kit - sorry

Every young girl should feel confident with puberty and The Sisterhood Australia can deliver that knowledge. If like me you were unsure, this is a great starting point.

I love them! It works keto coffee it. I'm 12 and I ozark canopy my period and I really recommend these because they are comfortable, absorbent, you can't really feel them and they make me feel really good on my period! Say goodbye to the days when you and your friends are not prepared for the first time Aunt Flo decides to visit!

Free period starter kit

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Everyone knows that there is no better bargain than a freebie - so this section lists some of the best that we have found. Please remember that with most of these there is high demand with limited availability - so there are no guarantees! If you click a link on any of our Facebook posts, you will come through to our website.

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Every girl has a first period story, so ask around and find out how the women in your life started theirs. Sharing stories is great because it will show you how different everybody is, and that when you get your first period it will be a unique experience too. Feeling in control and confident about your first period is super important because we want you to have a positive first period experience. But do no stress, Luna is here to make it oh so simple, easy and fun yeah, I know fun for ya. For your first period and first starters, we have two first period starter kits for you to choose from online.

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First Period Kit: Organic Cotton Pads, Liners & Tampons – LOLA free period starter kit


Starter Pack
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We also like to support Australian Independently owned businesses like Tsuno, which reflect great ethics and support community based organisations. I've just woken up fresh, clean, and dry thanks to these amazing pants! Her answer which I will never forget was 'mom, I had my kit, I went to the bathroom, used my rescue undies, got situated with my products and on I went'. Which Product is right for you? View Cart Proceed to checkout. Period Starter Set. First period arriving soon and you need to explain and give advice on starting your first period? Corporate Winter Flu Vaccination Service. So I I really need to be prepared : heard good reviews about lil let's hope they r good! Free period starter kit